Children and Family

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always. – Oprah Winfrey


Founded in 2011, S and F Athletes is a designated 501(c)3 serving single-parent and low-income families in Irving, Texas. It was borne out of a desire to blend mentorship and character-building education with activities that build self-esteem and independence among young people 18 and under. As the needs of our community has changed, the focus of our program has shifted to youths ages 5-12. Community partnerships allow us to reach students where they are and offer them physical and academic opportunities tied to their interests and abilities.


Skill and Faith Athletes (S&F Athletes) was born out of a dream of the founder, Richard Foster, to participate in building a community where ALL children have the opportunity to learn and be successful, especially disadvantaged and high-risk children.

The meaning of the organization name is S = Skill – your ability, F = Faith – your confidence and Athletes – willing to compete. “Skill and Faith Athletes” was born; the name meaning, “Let your ability give you confidence to compete.”

By providing an after school mentoring program to male and female students who were identified as high risk. As the students’ need for more specific guidance became apparent, Richard expanded the organization’s focus to Education: increase academic performance through tutoring and reading intervention programs, Technology: create digital-literate citizens, Life Skills: through mentorship, help students develop increased communication, conflict resolution, organization, and time-management skills and Physical and mental health: expose students to regular physical activity to promote increased mental agility, focus, discipline, and drive.

Community partnerships facilitated our move to a community-based location at 6565 N MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 225 in Irving, Texas. Our mentoring location is the Georgia Farrow Recreation Center, 530 Davis Drive, Irving, Texas. Programs We Offer: Mentorship, Tutoring, Reading Intervention, Character Building, Life Skills Training, Single Mothers’ Connection, Taekwondo,  Basketball skill training, Baseball Skill Training, Football Skill Training, Soccer Skill Training, Majorette/Dance, Art, Podcasts and Coming soon: Basic Cooking/Meal Prep