No Child Should Have to Suffer Due to A Lack of Resources.

S and F Athletes is here to help you with resources and solutions.

The More We Know; The More We Grow!

We seek to give children an opportunity to participate in music, wellness and character-building programs and services that promote confidence and support to maximize their full potential in academics and Life!




Our Core Values







Over 1.5 million children and their families seek after-school programs in their communities that are affordable. Research has proven that youth benefit from participation in after-school programs that provide mentorship, academic support (tutoring and homework help), participation in sports, art, music and other forms of interactions with caring adults. 

Our Mission

Skill and Faith Athletes works to develop young men and women, ages 5-12, into well-rounded individuals by teaching them life skills and fostering a passion for education, technology, health, and wellness through mentorship and structured community-based programming.

Our Vision

Building character in our children creates successful citizens and stronger communities

Support Our Fundraiser

Skill and Faith Athletes molds young men and women into well rounded individuals by teaching life skills and developing their passion for education, technology, health, and wellness. Fundraising makes an organization stronger, sustainable, impactful force for communities and eventually high functioning. This fundraiser help support the organization operating expenses of current programs to become stronger, sustainable, impactful and high functioning. Your support helps us build character in our children creates a successful future and leverage disproportionate burden education, well-being, financial, and hunger.

Help us help the youth increase their faith in themselves, their talents and maximize their potential in academic, character and life skills.